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Carrie Brownstein on Her Forthcoming Memoir, Best Lesbian and Feminist Books of 2013, and Other LGBT News

Carrie Brownstein on Her Forthcoming Memoir, Best Lesbian and Feminist Books of 2013, and Other LGBT News

Author: William Johnson

January 6, 2014

In the News

Rocker Carrie Brownstein Talks Writing

This week, iconic indie-rocker and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein talked with T. Rachel Cole at Stereogum about the Riot Grrrl movement, her current musical faves, and the difficulty of writing her forthcoming memoir:

I think fascinating and weird are two good descriptors. I think it always maintains a slightly surreal quality, and even a strange level of disconnect, because I’m not looking back on my life from the vantage point of old age. I mean, hopefully I’m not at the end of my life. Although I guess we never know. I think part of it is just trying to assess what to write about and what feels important. And it’s also interesting because our memories are very multi-dimensional and they’re very colorful. And they have a mansion-like quality — we can see the nuances in our mind’s eye. And then you start to write about them and they immediately become very flattened out because you have to tell the story. And everything that’s grandiose and colorful in your memory becomes these little shacks on the page and you have to build the scaffolding with every sentence and paragraph. It is very daunting. You assume that somehow it’s going to get onto the page in the same magnificent way that it exists in your brain, and that’s just not true

Best Lesbian and Feminist Books of 2013

2014 is here, but it is still not too late to catch up on the best books of 2013. Autostraddle has compiled a list of last year’s ten best lesbian and feminist books. If you have not read all these great books yet get busy before the 2014 list rolls around.

Lily Tomlin Marries Partner Jane Wagner

What is more romantic than New Year’s nuptials? Out Magazine is reporting that Lily Tomlin married her long-time partner, writer Jane Wagner, on New Year’s Eve. May they continue to produce genius comedy together.

Morrissey’s Novel

With the recent release of his memoir, it now seems that Morrissey is not only working on a new album but he is also completing a novel.

NME reports,

Morrissey has revealed that he is working on a novel following the success of his autobiography.

The singer, who released Autobiography in 2013 to huge success, revealed his plans to move into fiction during a q+a with fans on his official fan site, True To You. Morrissey also revealed that he is about to record a new album and that one of the songs set for inclusion on the record is titled ‘Istanbul’.

Asked if he would ever write a novel, Morrissey responds: “In 2013 I published my Autobiography and it has been more successful than any record I have ever released, so, yes, I am mid-way through my novel. I have my hopes[…]”




[Photo: Carrie Brownstein via Stereogum ]





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