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‘Injustice: Book One of the Nemesis Series’ by K. A. Kron and Brenda L. Leffler

‘Injustice: Book One of the Nemesis Series’ by K. A. Kron and Brenda L. Leffler

Author: Rita Salner

December 25, 2013

Injustice (Lethe) is set in Denver. It’s heroine, Riley Connors, has some kind of background, (unstated as to what, exactly) with the US military. Her former job has given her a variety of tricky skills and mentors. She is currently a law student, with a paying job as a waitress. Within the first few pages of the book, Riley has saved a fellow law student from an attack and possible rape. Ali Garcia, who Riley rescued, is bright, attractive, and makes it a point to find a seat in class near Riley. 

Between work, law school, and law school assignments, Riley’s days and nights are full. She still, however, enjoys balancing the scales when she sees injustice happening. She’s very clever at getting into locked apartments and homes, as well as working with cameras, recording devices, etc.

As the friendship between Riley and Ali grows, it becomes clear that the attack on Ali was not random, and that her attacker is not giving up.  He is stalking her physically, as well as leaving numerous messages on her cell phone. Riley is completely smitten with Ali, and is willing to do anything to protect her. Ali seems to be falling for Riley as well, although school, work, and Riley’s pension for helping others takes up a lot of her time. The dance between these two bright women is slow and engaging. Their scenes are sweet, loving, and full of hope and desire. As they team up in study groups with other law students, readers are able to see them in  a setting which is different from  both work and home. The study groups add more responsibilities as each member agrees to take on specific portions of the assigned reading, and summarize it for the others.

Injustice is a fast paced thriller, which is also laced with some very humorous moments. The authors have included one scene where Riley is staking out a house while pretending to be searching for her lost cat. Both the action and dialogue had me laughing out loud. In another scene, at the bar where Ali works, she is accosted by an ex girl friend. This scene also ends with a chuckle for the reader. As Ali uses her wiles and skills, the reader may have some questions of ethics and morals.  Does the punishment fit the crime? Ali’s stalker has made many threats, and has set up his own cameras, etc.  And, then there is the lesbian drug dealer who attempted to put the bar Riley works at out of business. The authors have definitely given readers villains, as well as definite good guys, and then, some who, like Riley, are more shades of gray.

Author Kathy A Kron has written two other books, Don’t Tell and Shades of Gray. She is an attorney who lives in Pennsylvania.  Co-Author Brenda L. Leffler is a law enforcement officer in Colorado; Injustice is her first novel. In thinking about the plot of Injustice and the professions of the authors, it occurred to me that maybe the ambiguity between “right” and “wrong” is deliberate. Both women are in work where they see many examples of injustice. Writing a book where a fixer, meting out justice, must have been great therapy, and it resulted in a great story.



by  K. A. Kron & Brenda L. Leffler
Lethe Press
Paperback, 9781590214077, 244 pp.
March 2013

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About: Rita Salner

Rita Salner is a retired teacher, who has taught everything from preschool handicapped kids to teaching teachers how to integrate math and science. Salner taught for 42 years. Salner currently live in the high desert of CA. with her partner of almost 30 years. They enjoy life on a half acre with two dogs and three cats. Salner has been reviewing lesbian literature since she was recruited by Barbara Greer of the famed Naiad Press.

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