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‘All Out’ Petition Against Anti-Gay ‘Superman’ Author Draws Thousands of Signatures

‘All Out’ Petition Against Anti-Gay ‘Superman’ Author Draws Thousands of Signatures

Author: Diana Denza

February 18, 2013

Despite the recent wave of inclusiveness in major comic books, many believe that DC Comics has taken a major step backward by hiring the anti-gay Orson Scott Card to pen the first issue in its Adventures of Superman series. The Mormon author of Ender’s Game once said that “the dark secret of homosexual society … is how many homosexuals first entered into that world through a disturbing seduction or rape or molestation or abuse, and how many of them yearn to get out of the homosexual community and live normally.” An All Out petition against DC Comics’ choice currently boasts over 13,500 signatures. [Guardian]

Gay Literature in India is About to Get Bigger: My Magical Palace author Kunal Mukherjee predicts a boom in LGBT Indian literature. He said:

“The repealing of Section 377 [which criminalized sexual acts “against the order of nature”] is a huge move. It will encourage more and more from the LGBT community to come out and tell their stories. Attitudes will change over time and people will not look at it as book meant only for ‘those people.’ I think there is a huge potential.”

Kunal’s own book is a coming of age tale that explores issues like arranged marriage, homophobia, and living authentically. [Times of India]

Nicholas Sparks Doesn’t Think It’s Possible To Write A Formulaic Love Story About Gay People: Don’t expect an LGBT version of The Notebook from bestselling author Nicholas Sparks anytime soon. Sparks said, “With the novels, I try to give the people what they expect, and then move out into different areas.” Yawn. [Crushable]

Sabrina Zollo Talks About Writing Her First Book, ‘Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend’: The Toronto-based author chats about friendships between young heterosexual women and their gay BFFs and shares her advice for budding writers. [MetroNews]

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