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Lost William S. Burroughs Documentary Resurfaces

Lost William S. Burroughs Documentary Resurfaces

Author: Paige Cohen

December 21, 2012

Director Howard Brookner’s documentary film, Burroughs: The Movie, may be re-released and digitally remastered in the near future. Aaron Brookner, the director’s nephew, has begun a Kickstarter campaign along with two of his NYU classmates in hopes of preserving the only documentary ever made about author William Burroughs—the “all-around-subversive rabble-rouser, whose Thanksgiving Day prayer remains a favorite YouTube clip.”

From Indiewire:

Currently only available in used VHS copies on for $24.95, the documentary…explores the real-life Burroughs in action, along with many of his contemporaries including Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin, Francis Bacon, Herbert Hunke, Patti Smith, Terry Southern, and Lauren Hutton.

Learn more here.

Frank Ocean “Might Not Make Another Album”

According to Pitchfork, same-gender-loving popstar Frank Ocean may not make another album next year. “…the storytelling, that’s where you can really paint pictures. You can’t do it with a melody or a sound or a rhythm or a chord progression,” Ocean said in his interview with the Guardian. “…I might just write a novel next.” Read more here.

Breakup Letters From Famous Authors

“The holidays are a time for joy, love, and family. Unfortunately, they’re also the time of year that a lot of couples break up — whether because of the stress of extended family get-togethers or just the cold feet of winter, we don’t know,” writes Emily Temple of Flavorwire, and we here at Lambda Literary can’t help but think she makes a valid point. But, fear not. For those of you ending the 2012 year with a messy or happy or mutual breakup, Flavorwire has put together a list of breakup letters from “famous lovers and writers” to help you get through the hard times. Authors include: Edith Wharton, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, and even Abraham Lincoln. Check it out here.


[Photo: William S. Burroughs via Indiewire]
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