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‘Saving’ Author Carter Sickles

‘Saving’ Author Carter Sickles

Author: Diana Denza

November 11, 2012

The Advocate sits down with transgender author Carter Sickles, whose debut novel, The Evening Hour, explores the effects of mountaintop removal on rural Appalachia. Sickles, who identifies as a gay trans man, discussed his new work, his identity, and his advice for young queer writers. [Advocate]

Over It: Bookish Conversations We Never Want to Have Again: If you relate to this “Airing of Grievances”, you’ve probably spent too much time on the book blogs (join the club). [HuffingtonPost]

LGBT Authors and Books at the Miami Book Fair: From now until November 18, 2012, over 350 authors will be stationed at the Miami Book Fair International located on Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College in Downtown Miami. Among them are LGBT authors. A host of works with LGBT characters and themes is also present. Check out the expanded author list here.

Comic Depicts Life if Gays Cause Natural Disasters: Has your day been a disaster (pun intended)? It’s about time you had a laugh. You’re welcome. [Advocate]

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Diana Denza is the social media manager for a leading skincare company. She also blogs for BUST and BettyConfidential.

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