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Activist and Poet William Brandon Lacy Campos, 35, has Died

Activist and Poet William Brandon Lacy Campos, 35, has Died

Author: Edit Team

November 10, 2012

Poet, writer, and activist William Brandon Lacy Campos, author of the poetry collection It Ain’t Truth If It Doesn’t Hurt and contributor to the anthology From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction, died on Friday night in his apartment in New York, New York. He was 35.  Cause of death is currently unknown.

Rod 2.0 reports:

Celebrated poet, activist and author William Brandon Lacy Campos has died. Campos’ body was discovered in New York City late Friday, according to a Facebook status made by his father. Campos had been HIV positive for the past ten years. He was only 35.

“I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am,” Campos reportedly said in one of his last Facebook messages. “My saving grace is that the God in which I believe has sent me more love than I Could believe my due and that love I have been able to share to u. To u amor.”

[…]Campos was the [former] co-executive director of Queers for Economic Justice and a prominent figure within the nation’s social activist and “artivist” communities. He was also a prolific bloggersocial media personality, poet and author.

Below is a clip of Campos giving a rousing reading of his poem “I Know Him As Joy.”

(Photo via Facebook)

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