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A Window into Gay Marriage, Through Books and an L.A. Archive

A Window into Gay Marriage, Through Books and an L.A. Archive

Author: Diana Denza

November 18, 2012

Author Craig M. Loftin, who penned Masked Voices: Gay and Lesbians in Cold War America and Letters to ONE: Gay and Lesbian Voices from the 1950s and 1960s, discusses LGBT history, gay marriage, and the game changing 2012 election. [LATimes]

Comic Books Are Getting Gayer, We Rejoice: This February, look out for Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1. Some steamy Apollo and Midnighter lovin’ awaits, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the gay comic book nerd in your life. [NewNowNext]

ACLU Sues Utah School for Banning Gay-Inclusive Children’s Book: Utah’s Davis School District’s controversial decision to ban In Our Mother’s House from elementary school libraries will be challenged by the ACLU in court. The book centers around a family headed by two mothers and has been placed behind library counters. Currently, students can only check out the book with written parental permission. [ThinkProgress]

Matthew Mitcham will Allow Readers to Dive into His Life in Autobiography: Matthew Mitcham, an Olympic gold medalist, has penned an autobiography titled Twists and Turns. The book is slated for a December release and explores Mitcham’s career and his struggle with identity. [Examiner]



Image: The August 1953 cover of ONE magazine. (ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives)

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