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Lambda Literary’s Very Own Summer Writer’s Retreat Fellow, Sarah Fonseca, Interviews Jewelle Gomez

Lambda Literary’s Very Own Summer Writer’s Retreat Fellow, Sarah Fonseca, Interviews Jewelle Gomez

Author: Vanesa Evers

August 24, 2012

Check out an interview by Lambda Literary’s very own Summer Writer’s Retreat fellow, Sarah Fonseca. Fonseca interviewed Jewelle Gomez (a faculty instructor at this year’s retreat) in a beautifully written piece detailing Gomez’s future plans with her new play, Waiting for Giovanni. Gomez also tells of  her plans to write another Gilda novel, GildSera: The Alternate Decades and a piece on Alberta Hunter. 

Ever thought about interviewing yourself about your own new book and then publishing the interview? New York Times and Miami New Times contributor, Ily Goyanes, did just that! Not that she needed to but, why not? Goyanes’s new book, Girls Who Score, released earlier this month, has been stamped as “hot lesbian erotica.” In her own self-administered interview, Goyanes informs us that her new book “contains sixteen stories by some of the world’s most popular erotica authors… It’s porn for smart people. It’s hot, and funny, and sexy, and clever.” Think you’ll agree with Goyanes? Check out her book for yourself.

Thought there was already an LGBTQ welcoming party within the UNITY Journalist group? Nope, UNITY just united with the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association during their Las Vegas convention in early August. NLGJA has been around for 12 years and has just now been added to this journalism group. UNITY, founded in 1994, is an organization for journalists of color. The president of NLGJA, Michael Tripplet stated, “We had great attendance and what I heard from members was that there were great sessions and they enjoyed being with our UNITY alliance partners.” Finally UNITY is really unity.

In the spirit of this News Roundup obviously being about interviews, check out this interview with new author, Drake Braxton, (no that Drake!) as he talks about his debut novel, Missing.

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