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Batman and Robin, Friends or Lovers?

Batman and Robin, Friends or Lovers?

Author: Vanesa Evers

July 13, 2012

Batman and Robin, a couple? Jase Peeples sure thinks so. Check out a couple of strips that expose this “more than friendly” friendship between the two.

Apparently, this news roundup has a theme, “Comics Made Me Gay,” by Dale Lazarov, is an essay in captions. Check out this captivating NSFW link at your own risk

Spread the word! The seminal magazine Conditions is now available free of charge. This magazine was published from 1976 through 1990. The collection is a vital testament to both feminist and lesbian writings. Some of the contributors include Barbara Smith and Lorraine Bethel; their contributions became the anthology, Home Girls. Think you may want to order copies of Conditions, follow this link to get more information.

No Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2012? How did that happen out of 300 books? Unfortunately, no one outside of the board will ever know how this happened because the deliberations are sealed. But if you interested in finding out the process of how books for the Pulitzer are chosen check out this piece by Michael Cunningham.

Courtney Hermann’s documentary “The Gift of Struggle” named one of Hand-Eye Supply’s Most Inspiring Makers, an honor given to Portlanders who make things. Hermann identifies as a masculine queer woman. Her film is about the revival of burlesque and is narrated by Margaret Cho. Check out Aaron Spencer’s article.

Mothers of LGBT children aren’t overlooked in Chicago; they are the focus of a new photo essay book from Windy City Times–the Chicago-based weekly newspaper. They solicited mothers of those in LGBT community from Chicago or those formally from Chicago. The book Mom: A Tribute to Mothers of LGBTs  is available on

Would you mind being called a dirty queer? Well, if you’re in Portland, Oregon and an x-rated open mic, maybe you wouldn’t mind the title. Organizer, Sossity Chiricuzio wants you to know that Dirty Queer has been running monthly for over 5 and ½ years. This is a sex positive and safe space. After July this open mic will go from monthly to quarterly. If you live in the area check out this open mic and even share a piece or two.

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