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‘Life in Hell’ No More: Matt Groening Ends Gay-Inclusive Strip

‘Life in Hell’ No More: Matt Groening Ends Gay-Inclusive Strip

Author: Diana Denza

June 25, 2012

Matt Groening, mastermind behind the Simpsons, has put his “Life in Hell” comic strip to rest. Featured in alternative newspapers, the strip included a gay couple (Akbar and Jeff, anyone?). According to reports, the comic has been cut due to budget constraints, but has enjoyed 1,669 installments. [Advocate]

Utah School District Puts Gay-Family Book ‘In Our Mother’s House’ Behind Counter: In Our Mother’s House, a children’s book authored by Patricia Polocco, has been placed behind school library counters simply for featuring a family headed by two mothers. Davis County School District students will need to show librarians permission slips signed by their parents before checking out the book. It was originally stocked on shelves because one of the elementary school students in the district has lesbian moms. [Queerty]

From This Day Forward: Marriage in Gay and Lesbian Fiction: Author Christopher Bram comments on the frequently asked question, “When gay people everywhere can marry, will that mean the end of gay literature?” [NYTimes]

Iran Shuts Publisher for ‘Promoting’ Gay Sex and Immorality: Cheshmeh, a famed publishing house in Tehran, has been shuttered by Iranian authorities. Publishers have been accused of promoting “homosexuality, incest, and sexual relations between men and women outside marriage.” [PinkNews]


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