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Music, Movement, and Good Advice: Queer Conversations Across the Web

Music, Movement, and Good Advice: Queer Conversations Across the Web

Author: TT Jax

May 30, 2012

A lot of movement in the queer writing world lately.

Lawyer, activist, and Lambda Finalist Dean Spade is on a European book tour! If you’re not in Berlin, you can read a conversation in which Spade, Eric A. Stanley of Captive Genders, and the authors of Queer Injustice discuss queering the prison abolition movement, or you can also listen to a podcast of Spade discussing his recent full length book-debut, Normal Life.

2011 Lambda Fellow July Westhale recently did an interview on litseen with poet, author, activist, and The Revolution Starts at Home co-editor Ching-In Chen. Check it out for some practical writing advice!

S. Bear Bergman’s new micro-press, Flamingo Rampant (“Books and more for gender-independent kids and their families!”), has released their first two books, Backwards Day and The Adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy. Written by Bergman and illustrated by Katie Diamond (Backwards Day) and Suzy Malik (The Adventures of Tulip), the books will launch this weekend at The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference.

Onto some calls for submissions: Michael David Battle is holding a writing contest for his upcoming anthology, tentatively titled “Here, Our Voices: The Person of Color Trans-Identified Experience”.  Due date August 4thFrom the guidelines:

This anthology is being compiled . . . to pay tribute to the Person of Color trans-identified experience, as our experience has significant differences from the White trans-identified experience. We are looking for original, well-written personal essays, memoirs, or stories that are based on autobiographical experiences.”

There is also a Q-lit entry calling queer poets (by June 2nd) to propose hip-hop performances for one of Toronto’s Queer Pride 2012‘s shows, WORK IT!, to be held June 22nd at Buddies in Bad Times Theater. Hosted by MC Jazz and DJ Nix. See Q-lit for submission details.

Speaking of music, check out the site for Keith Boykin’s upcoming Magnus Press book, For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is not Enough. The site includes a detailed soundtrack corresponding to the chapters of the book. Check here for book tour dates.

Have you hugged your queer community today? If not, check this out for some purposeful suggestions: Philadelphian, Black feminist, and queer writer Mia McKenzie posted “10 Things Us Queers (And the Rest of Y’all) Can Do Today To Grow A Little” to her blog Black Girl Dangerous.


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About: TT Jax

TT Jax is a parent, partner, multi-media artist, and writer currently living in the Pacific Northwest by way of 28 years in the deep South. Jax writes the column Special Topics for, blogs for Original Plumbing, and co-edits Fresh Meat, a forthcoming anthology on trans and queer in-community violence. His writing has appeared in a number of literary journals and magazines, including The Mom Egg, Hip Mama, Underground Voices, <kill author, and Mudluscious. Several of his poems are forthcoming in Troubling the Line: : An Anthology of Trans & Genderqueer Poetry & Poetics . Slowly but tenaciously, Jax will complete a hybrid memoir-play about his teenage nuthouse years. Meanwhile he blogs at

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