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Logged Out: Around the U.S. Through TT Jax’s Inbox

Logged Out: Around the U.S. Through TT Jax’s Inbox

Author: TT Jax

March 15, 2012

Alright, y’all. What’s going on in the wider world? The heck if I know. Let’s go micro, and instead peruse the recent contents of my email inbox.

First up: a few queer literary organizations are requesting support. Check out Q-Lit’s recent persuasive essay as to why you should throw money their way. Then consider supporting the latest queer literary journal, Educe. Don’t forget BLOOM.

Speaking of BLOOM, there’s a launch party for BLOOM #7 April 11th in Los Angeles, 6:30-8:30 PM at the Blu Dot. Submissions for BLOOM #8 are now open until June.

Scrolling through the inbox: Chicago-based Pride Films and Plays sent out information about their upcoming Gay Play Weekend, April 15-17, at the Center on Halsted, featuring 5 award-winning gay-themed plays. The deadline for their lesbian-centered Women’s Work Contest is April 10th.

Again at the Center on Halsted, check out a March 28th screening with Bennett Singer of the 2003 documentary Brother Outsider, followed by a reception celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bayard Rustin’s birth.

Moving South: Love Jack Kerouac? Been embarrassingly obsessed with him since you were a pre-teen? Spent multiple years of your life writing exactly like him, only worse? Email me. Also, check this residency out:The Kerouac Project of Orlando.

Back up North: Elana Bell (Eyes, Stones, LSU Press), Monica A. Hand (me and Nina, Alice James Books), and E.J. Antonio are reading 6-8 pm tomorrow at the Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC, hosted by The Mom Egg. Admission is $7.

(And if you don’t have seven bucks for poetry readings, donations, plays, or anything of the sort anywhere, be sure to remind yourself of this.)

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About: TT Jax

TT Jax is a parent, partner, multi-media artist, and writer currently living in the Pacific Northwest by way of 28 years in the deep South. Jax writes the column Special Topics for, blogs for Original Plumbing, and co-edits Fresh Meat, a forthcoming anthology on trans and queer in-community violence. His writing has appeared in a number of literary journals and magazines, including The Mom Egg, Hip Mama, Underground Voices, <kill author, and Mudluscious. Several of his poems are forthcoming in Troubling the Line: : An Anthology of Trans & Genderqueer Poetry & Poetics . Slowly but tenaciously, Jax will complete a hybrid memoir-play about his teenage nuthouse years. Meanwhile he blogs at

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