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‘From This Moment On’ by PJ Trebelhorn

‘From This Moment On’ by PJ Trebelhorn

Author: Pamela Bigelow

April 7, 2011

Devon Conway lost her lover and their unborn child to a drunk driver running a red light. After their funeral, Devon left town and wandered the roads on her Harley. She eased her loneliness with a string of one night stands.

After three years, she finally returned home, moved in with her godmother Sheila, who raised her, and bought a garage where she could once again work as a mechanic. When Devon goes to the local lesbian bar to hook up with yet another one night stand, she meets Kat, who, much to Devon’s surprise, turns her down.

Katharine Hunter lost her lover of many years to cancer five years before the book opens. Unlike Devon, however, she remained celibate as she tried to deal with her loss and move on with her life. Kat is a veterinarian and enjoys helping her friends, who own an art gallery, hang the paintings for each new show. When she goes to the gallery to hang the latest show’s offerings from an artist named Jo, she sees a painting of the woman she met at the bar the previous night, Devon.

In a series of coincidences, like the two women showing up at the art gallery at the same time on the same weekday afternoon, and Devon renting an apartment without finding out her landlady’s name, Kat and Devon come together. The book ends with another series of coincidences that while not implausible, nevertheless seem contrived.

Trebelhorn’s first book needed a strong editorial hand to rid it of over-used clichés and other writing gaffes like the above-mentioned coincidences. Unfortunately for the reader, she didn’t get that help.

Thus, the book is riddled with phrases that have been overused in the genre for years. If, as a reader, such things don’t bother you, you will enjoy following Dev and Kat on their journey to finding love and the beginning of putting their ghosts to rest.

If you are looking for a fast read about two women coming together only to be driven apart and then coming back together to live happily ever after, this is the book for you.
From This Moment on
By PJ Trebelhorn
Bold Strokes Books
Paperback, 9781602821545, 234pp.
June 2010

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