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‘Missing Lynx’ by Kim Baldwin

‘Missing Lynx’ by Kim Baldwin

Author: Victoria Brownworth

June 3, 2010

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Missing Lynx is the latest in the Elite Operatives thriller series by Kim Baldwin and Xenia Alexiou. Even if you haven’t read the two previous offerings–Lethal Affairs and Thief of Always (gotta love these 1960s style spy titles)—you can easily fall into this third installment.

Missing Lynx puts the thrill in thriller. Cassady Monroe, concert violinist and spy also known as Lynx, is only 25, but quite the prodigy. When a serial killer known as Headhunter, a grisly purveyor in the skin trade resurfaces, Cassady/Lynx must test her mettle on the case–her first real assignment for the Elite Operatives.

In true thriller style, Baldwin and Alexiou take their women around the globe. Missing Lynx takes us from Vienna, all around the U.S. Southwest, on to New York, down to some of the most dangerous parts of Mexico, on to China and Vietnam and back to the Southwest. Quite the wild ride. But that’s what lends verisimilitude to this tale of the traffic in human beings.

Lynx hooks up with a mercenary during her journey and that relationship sends a sizzle through the story that is palpable. Heroine and anti-heroine. Quite the chemistry.

A dark, edgy, often grisly tale, Missing Lynx has the grit and pacing of a Bourne saga, but with highly engaging and thoroughly challenging female characters. Not for the faint hearted.
By Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou
Bold Strokes Books
ISBN: 9781602821378
Paperback, $16.95, 312 p.

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About: Victoria Brownworth

Victoria A. Brownworth is an award-winning journalist, editor and writer and the author and editor of nearly 30 books. She has won the NLGJA and the Society of Professional Journalists awards, the Lambda Literary Award and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. She won the 2013 SPJ Award for Enterprise Reporting in May 2014. She is a regular contributor to The Advocate and SheWired, a blogger for Huffington Post and A Room of Her Own, a columnist and contributing editor for Curve magazine and Lambda Literary Review and a columnist for San Francisco Bay Area Reporter. Her reporting and commentary have appeared in the New York Times, Village Voice, Baltimore Sun, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Nation, Ms Magazine and Slate. Her book, 'From Where We Sit: Black Writers Write Black Youth' won the 2012 Moonbeam Award for cultural & historical fiction. Her new novel, 'Ordinary Mayhem,' won the IPPY Award for fiction on May 1, 2015. Her book 'Erasure: Silencing Lesbians' and her next novel, 'Sleep So Deep,' will both be published in 2016. @VABVOX

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