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Alex Sanchez for La Bloga

Alex Sanchez for La Bloga

Author: Antonio Gonzalez Cerna

June 7, 2010

Andrew J. Peters interviews author and Lambda Literary contributor Alex Sanchez for La Bloga — the premiere Latino Lit blog. Sanchez answers questions about ethnicity, sexuality, gender, teen agnst, and his upcoming bi book. Lambda even gets a shout out! Yay! Here’s Sanchez answer about gender conforming characters:

The dynamics are definitely changing. Whether on TV or in my books, gender nonconforming portrayals show alternatives for what it means to be male or female. That can raise society’s comfort level—but not for everybody. Some people feel challenged and respond negatively. When real life young people challenge traditional gender stereotypes, they’re able to experience a lot more freedom and acceptance by being openly themselves, but they also risk making themselves targets for bullying and harassment.

He’s also working on a new book about bisexuality due in 2011.

My newest manuscript, Boyfriends with Girlfriends, comes out spring of 2011. It delves more deeply into bisexual themes. And, of course, it includes a Latino central character.

We can’t wait to read it! Read the rest of the interview here.

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