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What if Jesus Were Gay?

What if Jesus Were Gay?

Author: Antonio Gonzalez Cerna

April 2, 2010

With Easter upon us several new books tackle one particular subject matter: Jesus and homosexuality. Perhaps this isn’t a new concept, but a topical one nonetheless. Why does the idea of a gay Jesus provoke such visceral reactions from both believers and nonbelievers alike? This month, at least four authors are challenging traditional notions about Christ and his sexuality.

Miguel Santana‘s book The Marién Revelation explores this exact subject. Thought it’s not the main premise of the novel, Santana’s Jesus has a male lover. Author Stella Zimmmerman talks with Santana about his book this week. Read more.

Brian Day‘s poetry collection Conjuring Jesus (reviewed this month by Kittredge Cherry) features a bisexual Christ that struggles with homoerotic desire. Read more.

Kittredge Cherry is no stranger to the subject having explored similar territory in the Lammy nominated book Art That Dares: Gay Jesus, Woman Christ, and More (AndroGyne Press) — which featured images of Jesus as woman and Jesus as gay.

Jesus and homosexuality is also the subject of Emanuel Xavier‘s new poetry collection, If Jesus Were Gay published by Queer Mojo. We’ll have a review of that book later this month. Read more about Xavier’s projects in March Book Buzz.

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