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5th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

5th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Author: Edit Team

July 13, 1993

Children’s/Young Adult Literature

  • WINNER: When Heroes Die by Penny Raife Durant (Atheneum)
  • The Daddy Machine by Johnny Valentine, illustrated by Lynette Schmidt (Alyson Wonderland)
  • A Boy’s Best Friend by Joan Alden, illustrated by Catherine Hopkins (Alyson Wonderland)
  • Drowning of Stephan Jones by Bette Greene (Bantam)
  • Day They Put a Tax on Rainbows by Johnny Valentine, illustrated by Lynette Schmidt (Alyson Wonderland)

Editor’s Choice

  • Gay Ideas by Richard Mohr (Beacon)

Gay Men’s Anthologies

  • WINNER: A Member of the Family edited by John Preston (E.P. Dutton)
  • Men on Men 4 edited by George Stambolian (Plume)
  • Discontents edited by Dennis Cooper (Amethyst)
  • Flesh and the Word edited by John Preston (E.P. Dutton)
  • Here to Dare edited by Assotto Saint (Galiens)

Gay Men’s Fiction

  • WINNER: Let the Dead Bury the Dead by Randall Kenan (Harcourt Brace)
  • Winter Eyes by Lev Raphael (St. Martin’s)
  • Almost History by Christopher Bram (Donald I. Fine)
  • Latin Moon in Manhattan by Jaime Manrique (St. Martin’s)
  • Dream Life by Bo Huston (St. Martin’s)

Gay Men’s Mystery

  • WINNER: The Hidden Law by Michael Nava (HarperCollins)
  • Final Atonement by Steve Johnson (Onyx)
  • Third Man Out by Richard Stevenson (St. Martin’s)
  • Love You to Death by Grant Michaels (St. Martin’s)
  • One for the Master, Two for the Fool by Larry Townsend (Alyson)

Gay Men’s Nonfiction

  • WINNER: Becoming a Man by Paul Monette (Harcourt Brace)
  • Homoerotic Photograph by Allen Ellenzweig (Columbia University)
  • Making History by Eric Marcus (HarperCollins)
  • Making Trouble by John D’Emilio (Routledge)
  • Heartlands by Darrell Yates Rist (E.P. Dutton)

Gay Men’s Poetry

  • WINNER: Counting Myself Lucky by Edward Field (Black Sparrow)
  • The Man with Night Sweats by Thom Gunn (Farrar Straus)
  • Ceremonies by Essex Hemphill (Plume)
  • Strong Place by Tim Dlugos (Amethyst)
  • Long Division by Rudy Kikel (Writers Block)

Gay Men’s Science Fiction/Fantasy

  • WINNER: China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F. McHugh (TOR)
  • Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite (Abyss/Delacorte)
  • The Living One by Lewis Gannett (Random House)
  • Cry Gender by Thomas T. Thomas (Baen)
  • Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice (Knopf)


  • WINNER: Dykes to Watch Out For: The Sequel by Alison Bechdel (Firebrand)
  • The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green by Eric Orner (St. Martin’s)
  • The Night Audrey’s Vibrator Spoke by Andrea Natalie (Cleis)
  • BB and the Diva by Rupert Kinnard (Alyson)
  • That’s Ms. Bulldyke to You, Charlie by Jane Caminos (Madwoman)

Lesbian Anthologies

  • WINNER: The Persistent Desire edited by Joan Nestle (Alyson)
  • Write from the Heart edited by Anita L. Pace (Baby Steps)
  • Erotic Naiad edited by Katherine V. Forrest and Barbara Grier (Naiad)
  • Wolf Girls at Vassar edited by Anne MacKay (Ten Percent)
  • Poetry of Sex by Tee Corinne (Banned)

Lesbian Fiction

  • WINNER: Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound by Judith Katz (Firebrand)
  • Empathy by Sarah Schulman (E.P. Dutton)
  • Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Terrible Girls by Rebecca Brown (City Lights)
  • On Ships at Sea by Madelyn Arnold (St. Martin’s)

Lesbian Mystery

  • WINNER (Tie): Two-Bit Tango by Elizabeth Pincus (Spinsters)
  • WINNER (Tie): Crazy for Loving by Jaye Maiman (Naiad)
  • Deaths of Jocasta by J.M. Redman (New Victoria)
  • Lavender House Murder by Nikki Baker (Naiad)
  • Stage Fright by Ellen Hart (Seal)

Lesbian Nonfiction

  • WINNER: Eleanor Roosevelt by Blanche Cook (Viking)
  • Persistent Desire edited by Joan Nestle (Alyson)
  • The Earth House by Jeanne DuPrau (New Chapter)
  • Practicing Eternity by Carol Givens and L. Diane Fortier (Paradigm)
  • Shattered Applause by Robert A. Schanke (Southern Illinois University)

Lesbian Poetry

  • WINNER: Undersong by Audre Lorde (Norton)
  • Black Slip by Terry Wolverton (Clothespin Fever)
  • Cultivating Excess by Lori Anderson (Eighth Mountain)
  • According to Her Contours by Nancy Boutilier (Black Sparrow)
  • Lady Sun, Lady Moon by Diane Stein (Crossing)

Lesbian Science Fiction/Fantasy

  • WINNER: Ammonite by Nicola Griffith (Del Rey)
  • Return to Isis by Jean Stewart (Rising Tide)
  • Speaking Dreams by Severna Park (Firebrand)
  • Dreamships by Melissa Scott (TOR)
  • Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound by Judith Katz (Firebrand)

Publisher’s Service Award

  • Craig Rodwell Founder, Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop

Small Press Book Award

  • WINNER: Memories That Smell Like Gasoline by David Wojnarowicz (Artspace)
  • A Perilous Advantage by Natalie Barney (New Victoria)
  • Here to Dare edited by Assotto Saint (Galiens)
  • To Kill a Cardinal by Michael Rumaker (Arthur Mann Kaye)
  • Hot Chicken Wings by Jyl Lynn Felman (Aunt Lute)

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